TV LUX – who we are

TV LUX is independent Slovak catholic television originated in 2008 (4th of May). We broadcast daily, from 7.00 am till 11.00 pm. Our program is directed towards wide range of viewers - children, youth, adults and elders. By "Catholic television" we mean we are built on the catholic basis; nonetheless, we are opened to other Christian denominations and programs. Main part of our program structure is filled with value-centered programs. The staff of TV LUX consists of around 20 people. Our broadcasting from satellite Astra 3B covers the region of central Europe (Slovakia and surrounding countries) and since the broadcasting stream is not coded, it is very easy to receive TV LUX with the satellite dish at no extra cost. TV LUX can be also watched via satellite TV distributor, DIGI TV, more than 100 cable TV distributors and on-line on our website. The website also provides program archive for watching programs at any time. Excluding on-line viewers, TV LUX has access to approximately 80% of all Slovak population. 

TV LUX aims to offer quality programs focused on spiritual and human values and spreading joy and hope. Our ambition is to be an alternative and a messenger of peace and encouragement for all.

TV LUX friends Club

The TV LUX friends Club is a fellowship of people who support TV LUX financially, spiritually, morally or however they can. It is meant to be one of the financial pillars of the television. Presently, it counts more than 16 700 members; however, many more are needed to reach financial stability. Every contribution is very much appreciated. If you feel like supporting us, please send your donation to:

Account name: Klub priatelov TV LUX

IBAN: SK9611000000002620013784


Address: Prepostska 5, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

Contact:, tel.:  +421 2 60202727